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By Johan Trygg

The SC Ranking fight continues extremely tight after the two Challengers events this weekend; Vasaloppet China and Craft Ski Marathon. 

In front of Kaiser Maximilian Lauf in Seefeld, Austria, this coming Saturday Andreas Nygaard, Team Ragde Eiendom, is currently holding the lead with 39,811,930 points ahead of his teammate Tord Asle Gjerdalen with 39,770,097 points and Britta Johansson Norgren, Lager 157 Ski Team, with 39,656,105 points.

Some small changes occurred in the top 100 of the SC Ranking over the weekend. Bob Impola, Team Serneke, climbed one step from 23 to 22 after his victory at Craft Ski Marathon. He passed injured Anton Karlsson, Lager 157 Ski Team. Vasaloppet China winner Vinjar Skogsholm, Team ParkettPartner Sjusjøen moved up one step from 36 to 35 passing Jiri Pliska, Silvini Madshus Team.

Also, Fabian Stocek, Vltava Fund Ski Team, 4th in China, moved from 51 to 49. Team Serneke athlete Ludwig Tärning did a great race at Craft Ski Marathon with his third place and he moved from 52 to 51. This means that La Venosta winner Emil Vokuev, Russian Winter Team, dropped from 49 to 52.

Kristoffer Nielsen, Team XPND, 6th in China, stepped up from 58 to 56. Jimmie Johnsson, Team Serneke, 4th at Craft Ski Marathon, moved from 60 to 59. Magnus Bleken, Team ParkettPartner Sjusjøen, took a bigger step, 68 to 69, after his 9th place at Vasaloppet China. Ingeborg Dahl, Team XPND, went from 92 to 91 after finishing in third place in China.

You can see the changes when you look at the SC Ranking list where green (going up) and red arrows (going down) mark the changes.

The SC Ranking is open for all participants in any Visma Ski Classics race, either Pro Tour or Challengers event, including all age groups, gender and performance levels. The points are calculated based on the percentual time a skier is behind the winning time in his or her respective gender with an exponential drop of points. At a Pro Tour event, the winning man and woman both receive 2.000.000 points, and at a Challenger event, the winners collect 500.000 points.

Each skier can include the results from his or her best 20 races within 24 months, and the best skier, regardless of gender, with the most collected points takes the number one spot in SC Ranking. There are also podium bonus points awarded to the top three skiers in each gender; a Pro Tour event winner gets 200.000 points, 2nd place brings 100.000 points and 3rd place awards 40.000 points. 

You can personally check the SC Ranking list here. By joining the Visma Ski Classics family on MyPages, you can also be ranked among these top skiers and start collecting personal points, pins and many other perks that are offered to the members of the club. 

The Visma Ski Classics Challengers events not only give points in the SC ranking. The Pro Team athletes also get points in the Hertz Champion and the other Pro Tour competitions. 

Team Ramudden's Jenny Larsson, who finished fourth at the challenger's event Craft Ski Marathon, scored enough points to take the lead in the women's Youth competition with the total of 255 points.

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