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Today Team Parkettpartner Sjusøen presents their team for season XI. 
New athletes are Julia Angelsiöö from Sweden and Sivert Bergan and Kristine Fjeld from Norway. 

24-year-old Julia Angelsiöö, who 4th in the youth competition in season X and third in season IX, was without a team since Team Serneke decided to close down their Pro Team after Season X.

Angelsiöö has been uncertain of her future as a Pro Team athlete. She has been in contact with several teams this spring but was The Norwegian Team Parkettpartner Sjusøen who she signed for.

“Everything happened very fast. I contacted them and they showed interest right away and yesterday I signed the contract,” says Angelsiöö.

“Now I'm looking forward to next season. It´s great that there are more females in the teams now and we may see more tactics among us this winter.”

Julia's best results in Ski Classics are 16th at La Diagonela last winter and 15th at Kaiser Maximilian Lauf in 2019. Julia also became Swedish champion on roller skis in 2019.

Kristine Fjeld is picked up from the recruitment team of Team Parkettpartner Sjusøen. She finished 33rd at Kaiser Maximilian Lauf and 35th at Marcialonga last winter.

Sivert Bergan has represented Team Synnfjell and Team Telemark in previous seasons. Sivert was 47th at Kaiser Maximilian Lauf last winter.

Team Parkettpartner Sjusøen 2020-2021:

Julia Angelsiöö
Sofie Elebro
Kristine Fjeld

Sivert Bergan
Magnus Bleken
Runar Skaug Mathisen
Simen Engebretsen Nordli
Vinjar Skogsholm
Kjetil Tyrom

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