Sunday, August 9, 2020 - 21:42


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Stian Hoelgaard led Team Koteng to victory in the Blink Team Classic after 12 hours, eight minutes and 25 seconds.
Hoelgaard took the victory together with his teammates Astrid Øyre Slind and Torleif Syrstad.

The 12-hour relay became an exciting story with several changes during the day. Team Koteng played their cards best and eventually won ahead of Team Nordic Athlete with Morten Eide Pedersen, Linn Sömskar and Viktor Mäenpää. Team Ragde Eiendom finished third with Andreas Nygaard, Anikken Gjerde Alnaes and Joar Thele.

Team Ragde Eiendom looked like the winning Pro Team for a while, but with just over two hours left of the competition, Morten Eide Pedersen and Stian Hoelgaard catch Joar Thele.

All athletes had to go at least six laps of the 13 km course and Team Koteng played their card so well that Stian Hoelgaard roller skied against Sömskar and Alnaes with about 40 minutes left of the competition. Then Stian built up a gap that he then never let go.

Viktor Mäenpää manages to bring Team Nordic Athlete to second place and Joar Thele had to see himself finishing Team Ragde Eiendom as the third team.


1. Team Koteng 12:08:25.6 (22 laps)

(Astrid Øyre Slind, Torleif Syrstad. Stian Hoelgaard)

2. Team Nordic Athlete +4:29.7​

(Linn Sömskar, Viktor Mäenpää, Morten Eide Pedersen)

3. Team Ragde +6:06.5

(Anikken Gjerde Alnæs, Andreas Nygaard, Joar Thele)

The results will be published here.

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