Sunday, May 10, 2020 - 15:59


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Lager 157 Ski Team has started the preparation för Visma Ski Classics season XI with a training camp in Ulricehamn this week.

“Long roller ski sessions to build a base have been on the program,” says Pro Team Director Anton Järnberg.

“It was now quite a long time since we were together because the season ended so fast. So it feels good to see each other again,” Anton continues.

Most of the athletes in the team had to travel from Österund more than 700 km south to the camp in Ulricehamn. But not Anton Järnberg, Marcus Johansson and Stefan Palm (he owner of the main sponsor Lager 157) who lives in the area.

“We adapt the camp so that everyone has traveled here with cars and lives in single rooms and eats the food individually. Then we meet outdoors. We have highlighted what things we should think about extra in view of the current situation. But really, it's not that big of a difference to otherwise. The athletes are accustomed to thinking about things like hand hygiene and keeping distance otherwise as well,” Järnberg informs.

The following athletes have participated in the camp: Marcus Johansson, Andreas Holmberg, Anton Karlsson, Stefan Palm, Elin Mohlin, and the new addition to the team, Karolina Hedenström.

“Britta (Johansson Norgren), Emil (Persson), and Öyvind (Moen Fjeld) do not participate for various reasons,” says Anton.

What is the focus of training this first camp?
“Getting started with very long workouts, not at least on roller skis. To build a base. The athletes come here with slightly different backgrounds, some directly from the snow while "Maccan" (Marcus Johansson) has been practicing roller skiing for a long time.”

The other day, Lager 157 Ski Team informed that they recruited the former wax manager of Swedens national cross country team, Urban Nilsson, to the organization around the team.

Urban who after many years in the national team now works for glove manufacturer Lill Sport. He continues that work and the assignment in the Lager 157 Ski Team he will do alongside.

“Urban was our first choice and it feels great that he wants to be with us. He is really motivated and he will have a development role around the material, grinding, and more from now until the season starts. It is good to get such an experienced person and who also comes with new eyes on things,” Järnberg says.

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