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Visma Ski Classics is again taking a huge step towards a more comprehensive experience for each and every long distance ski enthusiasts. The Pro Tour has already become an institution in skiing in its 10-year history, and earlier this year the Challenger program was launched to expand the reach of the brand and to offer a chance for everyone to race under the same banner. Now, everyone participating in any Visma Ski Classics event can create his or her own page, called MyPages, and become an integral part of the long distance skiing family. You can collect points, pins and be ranked among all skiers in the field, pro and recreational ones alike.

The SC Ranking is designed for all participants in any Visma Ski Classics race, either Pro Tour or Challengers event, including all age groups, gender and performance levels. The points are calculated based on the percentual time a skier is behind the winning time in his or her respective gender with an exponential drop of points. At a Pro Tour event, the winning man and woman both receive 2.000.000 points, and at a Challenger event, the winners collect 500.000 points.

Each skier can include the results from his or her best 20 races within 24 months, and the best skier, regardless of gender, with the most collected points takes the number one spot in SC Ranking.

But that’s not all. There are also podium bonus points awarded to the top three skiers in each gender; a Pro Tour event winner gets 200.000 points, 2nd place brings 100.000 points and 3rd place awards 40.000 points.   

As a registered user, you can filter places based on nationality, age group and gender by using the Filter Tab on the view set on your page. Below you see an illustration on how points can be distributed in a race example case:

Winner                         4h00m00s       2.000.000 points
1 sec behind                4h00m01s       1.999.170 points
1min behind                4h01m00s       1.950.720 points
10min behind              4h10m00s       1.560.720 points
30min behind             4h30m00s        986.540 points 
1h behind                     5h00m00s        524.290 points
50% behind                 6h00m00s        175.580 points
100% behind               8h00m00s        31.250 points
300% behind              12h00m00s       2.740 points




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