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Östersund Ski Marathon is an annual long-distance ski race in Sweden that now becomes part of the Visma Ski Classics Challengers series. The new Challengers concept was launched earlier in April this year as a common platform in order to connect and promote long distance skiing events worldwide.
The 42km long-distance race in classic technique is taking place in the city of Östersund, Sweden. Since its start, the race has functioned as a seeding race for Vasaloppet and Tjejvasan, attracting both elite, amateurs and para-athletes to Östersund Ski Stadium. 
The race is carried out with an introductory master’s lap of 4km after which you go out on a 19km long loop that runs twice with a lapping at the Ski Stadium. 
In addition to the 42km race, the event also features 19, 10 and 5km events, with the stadium having all the necessary structure to hold a large event, such as race office, media center, 75 waxing cabins, café, restaurant, changing rooms, showers and saunas.
“Östersund Ski Marathon is pleased to cooperate with Visma Ski Classics Challengers. We have arranged this race for many years now and are prepared to evolve it some more. Therefore, we saw this as a good opportunity to do that”, says Tommie Jirhed, Chief of Competition.


To see more events of Visma Ski Classics Season X go to www.vismaskiclassics.com

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