Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 09:50


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By Teemu Virtanen

Our “Pro Team of the Week” concept continues with Team Serneke, and the team started their dryland training season by having a kick-off camp on the islands of Åland, Finland. Their first day of the camp was devoted to high speed with some intervals and an easy run enjoying the beauty of the landscape. The team’s director Martin Holmstrand says that the first day is always a bit of getting used to training with the other members of the team and finding the right pace for off-season workouts.

“Today we started with a roller-ski session with uphill intervals,” Martin describes the morning session they had yesterday. “We were in the northern part of Åland, which is more hilly. We went up six times with natural rest on the way back going downhill. The lap was about 4,30 minutes long. Normally we have longer interval sessions, but it’s early in the season and we have a lot of high intensity training this week including a competition.”

The team slowed down a bit in the evening when they did their second training session. The purpose was to get some recovery before today’s demanding workout.

“In the evening we were running around a really nice trail with great surroundings,” Martin continues. “The trail was 20 km long and it took about two hours. The speed was not really high, but the focus was to get some easy training for the upper body because we will have a really long workout on roller-skis tomorrow. We are planning to go around Åland for about 5 hours. During the session, I will bike alongside them and take some videos so that we can analyze their technique afterwards.”

Stay tuned for more updates from the team and learn what they saw on their island tour on roller-skis today.

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