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By André Santos

Last season, Roxane Lacroix finished 7th overall in Visma Ski Classics. 
While competing in the previous seasons she has gained a lot of experience and will continue for years to come. Roxane shares her thoughts about long distance skiing in France and her ambition to fight for top places in the Tour.

Hello Roxane! When were you introduced to cross country skiing and why did you decide to step in too long distance events?
“In the region where I live there is snow during the winter so my parents skied with me from the age when I was able to stand on my legs. When I was 13 or 14 years old, I started to compete in some local races.”

“I was a member of the French Junior team for two years and finished 8th in the Junior World Championship in the sprint. Unfortunately, I Experienced some overtraining followed by some though seasons. After attending some local long distance races in France with my regional team I decided to commit to Visma Ski Classics during the season 2017/2018. I accepted an offer to join the Pro Team Ed system Bauer Team and since that day I haven’t looked back. I enjoy competing in Visma Ski Classics.”

Last season you achieved some great results, finishing 7th overall and making top 20 in every race. How do you summarize last season and what are your ambitions for next season?
“I achieved my best results during last season but I also had some very bad ones, so I have mixed feelings. I get motivation from the best races and In the tougher ones, I learn what I have to improve. My ambition for next season is to be able to fight with the best women and be able to stay in the top ten at every race I compete.”

How is your summer training developing? How did your training adapt to To the Covid-19 restrictions?
“Until now, my summer training is turning out well and I hope it will continue like this. We had a lockdown for almost two months in France (from mid of March to mid of May), so my training was mostly easy and short during that time. I’m happy that to lockdown is off and that we have been able to almost get back to a normal life. Lockdown is really boring when you prefer to be outside.” 

What tips would you give to athletes who want to perform well at long distance races? Do you believe that a French athlete will be one of the top contenders in Visma Ski Classics in the future?
“I’m not a legend in Visma Ski Classics so I don’t think that I’m the best athlete to give tips, However, I believe they can learn a lot by observing the technique and tactics of the best. I think you can improve a lot by competing in the Pro Tour against the top athletes. French athletes can be good contenders and the number of French athletes in the Pro Tour increases for each year. With more experience, I believe they will be able to achieve good results in the Pro Tour.”

What do you think about the development of the Visma Ski Classics tour? And what should be done to reach a wider public in France?
“The concept becomes more attractive for each year since you continue to add new things to Visma Ski Classics. I Like That! If you would have an event in France I believe the knowledge of the tour would increase and along with that also the interest.”

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