Sunday, July 26, 2020 - 12:43


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The Pro Team athletes in the Russian Winter Team have been training by themselves for a long time due to Covid-19. But now the travel restrictions in Russia has been lifted.
“We have just started our first training camp in the Elbrus region at the Caucasus Mountains,” says Russian Winter Team Pro Team Director Andrey Tyuterev.

“During the spring and the beginning of summer, we had uncertainty about the places and timing of our camps due to the coronavirus’s situation. In the second half of July, restrictions on movement and participating in sports activities began to be lifted in Russia,” Tyuterev informs.

The athletes in the Russian Winter Team are together for a training camp for the first time this summer.

At this moment, the athletes in the Russian Winter Team work out hard together again. 

Tough slopes in the Caucasus area.

“In August we are planning a small camp in St. Petersburg and participation in the Russian roller skating championship if the restrictions on sports competitions are lifted then,” says Tyuterev. 

“Then, in September, we really hope that the borders will be open in Europe so we can plan training camps there,” Tyuterev ends.

Some preparation for Reistadløpet maybe?

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