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By Teemu Virtanen

Every Pro Team has been actively pursuing greater success and glory for the Visma Ski Classics Season X as it is the 10th anniversary one. Some of them have already been skiing in various places and others headed down south for warmer conditions as you have been able to read on our website and Facebook.

One of the Czech Pro Teams, Silvini Madhus Team, mostly stayed on their home turf roller-skiing and training hard for the upcoming season. But one of the team members went very far to get psyched up for the challenges ahead. Karolína Grohová took a trip down to Peru for climbing and managed to stand on top of the Chopicalqui mountain, 6353 m, in the Cordillera Blanca. That’s certainly a feat that not everyone can boast to have done.

At the end of September, the team organized the biggest roller-ski race in their home country, the National Championships, and the course was a tough one; a climb up to Ještěd. The winner of the race was Alexis Jannerod from Lukáš Bauer’s team.

Below you will find a link to a short video of the race (Ještěd is on the second part of the video). 

According to Jiří Pliska, a member of the team, they had great conditions and a perfect weather for training throughout the fall season. At the beginning of October, they had a training camp in the Jizera mountains near their home, and roller-skiing was the main course on their menu.

Here is a link to the video from their camp: 

After that training camp, the team headed to Mallorca, Spain, where they had a chance to enjoy some winding roller-ski roads and challenging mountain bike paths– check it out: 

Now, the Pro Team is getting ready for snow training, and they will go to Norway, Sjusjøen, for a camp starting on November 14. And from there they will head down to Livigno for the action-packed Prologue races that open the new season at the end of November. Jiří says that the athletes feel really strong and they have managed to stay healthy. Therefore, he thinks that they are ready for the season and they have high hopes for the winter. Jiří himself has also been able to train well and you can check out his workouts on Strava at


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