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Event 2 Season X: Livigno Prologue 35 km: December 1,2019

Visma Ski Classics sprints & hill climbs: 2 sprints (10 km & 15 km) and 2 climbs (21 km & 28 km)

The Livigno Prologue is a 35km mass-start race over six loops. The 5 km used on the Fridays´ Pro Team Tempo will be skied three times with a Sprint on the second and third loop (10 km / 15 km) . Then, the same loop but with an extra hill section added, will be skied three times, with a Climb on the fourth and fifth loop (21 km / 28 km). New for Season X is that the course is prolonged with one lap and also that prize money is introduced for both the Prologue events, .as well as normal championship bib points with 200 points to the winner. The sprints and climb still have 50% of the normal points.

The Prologue weekend in Livigno is a great kick off for the VSC Season X with two races at high altitude. The prologue events are not open for the public, but recreational skiers have their chance to race on Saturday when the skating event Sgambeda takes place.

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