Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 10:18


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Text by Teemu Virtanen

Photo by Studio 27 Fotodesign Burger

Most of Visma Ski Classics pro teams are currently having their first summer training camps or have just finished them. Last week we had a chance to join Team Serneke when they were in Åland, Finland. Now, you will get to find out what the A│N Skimarathon Team from Germany did last week when they packed their bags and went to Seefeld, Austria.

The home turf of Kaiser Maximilian Lauf and the World Championships from last winter served as a perfect place for the German pro team to have their summer season kick-off. This was the team’s third consecutive year with their traditional summer training camp in Seefeld, and what made it really interesting is the fact that they allowed some amateur skiers to participate and train together with the pro skiers.

The team’s director Sabine Freimuth says that “it’s a special feature that enriches both parties as everyone is sharing his or her passion for cross-country skiing and improving his or her personal performance level.”

Both the pro skiers and the amateurs spent a lot of hours roller-skiing on the World Championship track, Nordic walking and running up and down the long climbs in the area, road biking on the winding roads in the region, and at some point they even reached mountaintops where they were able to feel some snow under their feet.

“The Training Camp was rounded by stretching in the morning, a lot of fun and interesting conversations in the evening about, of course, cross country skiing, fast skies, training and so on,” Sabine tells us eagerly and says that the future looks promising for her team. “We are excited about the Season X and we’re looking forward to contribute as much as we can come the winter 2020.”

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