Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 16:39


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Vasaloppet finish line will be moved closer to the center of Mora. With redevelopment in the city of Mora Vasaloppet saw the opportunity to strengthen the experience for both participants and audience.
A new finish portal, which will be identical to the current one, will be built before the events at the roundabout about 100 meters before the previous finish line.

“The length of the final stretch has changed several times in history, although the finish line has been in basically the same place since 1922. The total distance of the race will not change significantly as the course is adjusted almost annually depending on how the soil conditions in the Vasalopps arena look like,” says Mats Rylander, project manager at Vasaloppet.

The current finish portal, which became permanent in 1986, will remain in its original location and become part of a medal square. A place where participants can receive their medals after the finish, meet up with loved ones, take pictures, and soak up the Vasalopp feeling.

“Our current, classic finish portal continues to play an important role as a landmark that attracts visitors and tourists all year round. What we are doing now is that we extend the experience for the participants who have reached the finish and let them enjoy their performance longer instead of directly sending them on to luggage area and showers. We think this will be a boost for both participants, the audience, and people living in Mora,” says Rylander.

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