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Maksim Vylegzhanin, Russian Winter Team and Franziska Müller, A|N Skimarathon Team is the overall individual winners of the Virtual World Classic Tour after the final stage, Virtual Toppidrettsveka.
In the Team competition, Skimarathon Team Austria is the winner!

After the final stage of Virtual Classic Tour, Virtual Toppidrettsveka, the overall individual winners on the long distance are Maksim Vylegzhanin, Russian Winter Team and Franziska Müller, A|N Skimarathon Team. 

Fastest in the men's class 60 km at the Virtual Toppidrettsveka were Yann Berlogey, Rollerski Racing Team at 1:24:58. Magnus Vesterheim, Team Kaffebryggeriet, was second with 1:34:30 and Maksim Vylegshanin third with 1:43:06.

Franziska Müller, A|N Skimarathon Team was fastest on the womens side with 2:04:39. Nicole Donzallaz, representing Team Robinson Trentino, was second in 2:08:33 and Corina T.Madreiter-Sokolowski were in third place with 2:11:02.

You can find all results from the Virtual Toppidrettsveka here (use the filter to choose the right list amongst the different distances).

Overall individual results Virtual World Classic Tour:


  1. Franziska Müller in 7:03:37
  2. Nicole Donzallaz in 7:06:13
  3. Corina T. Madreiter Sokolowski in 7:30:18
  1. Maksim Vylegzhanin in 5:54:05
  2. Tommy Bylund in 6:00:47
  3. Adam Blomberg in 6:06:44


  1. Anna-Maria Wörndle in 4:28:14
  2. Petra Tanner in 4:58:47
  3. Sophia Sennewald in 5:30:07
  1. Marek Rein in 3:37:36
  2. Lorenzo Cerutti in 3:41:22
  3. Felix Kappelsberger in 3:54:30


  1. Anna Wikström in 1:49:24
  2. Šárka Štádlerová in 1:55:19
  3. Anni Rohila in 1:57:52
  1. Marek Pazderský in 1:26:25
  2. Matthias Waldauf in 1:43:29
  3. Peter Kiene in 1:52:29

You can find the full overall ranking here.

The Team competition was about collecting kilometers and before the final stage A|N Skimarathon Team was 6 km ahead of Skimaraton Team Austria. 

The Austrian have gathered more than 100 supporters on the final stage – Virtual Toppidrettsveka - collecting 3234 km representing nearly 1/3 of the distance by all the participants. In total, the participants in Virtual Classic Tour have completed almost 30 000 km.

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