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By Leandro Lutz

The last race of Visma Ski Classics season IX Ylläs-Levi in Finland is approaching and many professional athletes are already thinking about their deserved vacations. At this time of the year the snow is already melting, the last competitions are happening and the month of April is known in the world of Nordic skiing as the month to take a break! But how do long-distance skiers face this rest time?

Professional athletes also need to rest their minds and bodies after a long year of training and a challenging race season. In sport, vacation is also called the transition phase, the time between two macro-cycles, that is, between the race and the base periods.

It is therefore very important that cross country skiers take a break, which can vary from a few days to a few weeks. This regenerative rest is critical for the athlete to return physically and psychologically prepared for a new training season. The purpose of this phase is not to leave aside the practice of physical exercises, on the contrary, it adopts other physical activities different from those practiced during the period of training and competitions, focusing on well-being, relaxation, fun, and consequently, maintaining the physical conditioning.

Thus, long-distance skiers have the opportunity to escape from routine and often dull training, stimulating other physical abilities. For those who continue to search for snow, one can choose alpine or mountaineering skiing. If one wants some summer activities, why not try kayaking, surfing or playing tennis?

Each athlete has the freedom to choose the activity he enjoys and gives him pleasure. Thus, a skier can continue to move his body, relax his mind and still have fun. It is very important that cross country skiers think about their physical and mental well-being during this phase, still avoiding excesses, such as with food.

Therefore, it is important to have moderation and common sense during the rest time. It's time to slow down, rest, ponder, have fun and be with family and friends. Time to put your short-, medium- and long-term goals on paper, plan your next training season, and organize your trips to next season's Visma Ski Classics races!

And you long-distance skier, what do you like to do on your well-deserved vacation or leisure time? Leave your opinion and suggestions!

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