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The year is 2019 AD. Long-Distance Skiing is entirely occupied by the Scandinavians. Well, not entirely.. One small team of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders..!

Formerly known as Haute-Savoie Nordic Team, the E-Liberty Ski Team doubles down for another season within the Visma Ski Classics. This French team who used to dominate the Worldloppet circuit (5 titles in the overall ranking last year alone) is eager to evolve in double poling races while conserving its expertise in skating races.

These self-proclaimed 'underdogs of long-distance' are as hungry as they are diverse, since each member is required by team regulation to work on another professional project next to their athletic career.

Not afraid to aim for several top 30s and even top 10s amongst the women, one can expect more than a few surprises from this dynamic squad !

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Emilien Buisson

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