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Pro Team Points

Team Encgon is a new team this year. Firmer skier Jerry Ahrlin has together with the company Engcon made it possible to create a professional ski-team with location in Strömsund and Östersund in Sweden. The elite team is closely connected to the other part of Team Engcon, which is all the employees, who this year has started a project to increase the health in the company. Team Engcon is the first team that includes para-skiing, and we are very proud to have Zebastian Modin who is one of the worlds leading para-athletes. Laila Kveli has been in the Ski Classics-circus from the very beginning in different Pro Teams. Team Engcon is a new start and the setting with the whole team is something that inspires her in a new way. Magnus Näslund is an athlete with great capacity and courrage. He started competing in skiing just a few years ago and has shown impressing progress so far.

- To be the first PRO-team with a para-skier competing on equal ground as the others.
- To fight for the womens' podium in every race.
- To have as many recreational skiers as possible from the big “Team Engcon” participating in Ski Classics events.

In the coming years we want the team to grow bigger, and hopefully the team will be an opportunity for younger skiers to take a step into long distance skiing. We want to be a pioneer in para-sport skiing and we want to be a link between professional skiers and amateur skiers.

Pro team Director

Jerry Ahrlin