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SottoZero Gold Team Zorzi Max Orsaiec” is the newborn Pro Team in SottoZero Group. These new Team comes from the very popular and twenty-years old Italian TV Programme about winter sport (most of all cross country ski) whose title is “SottoZero” conceived and presented by mister Michele Pasqualotto, a professional journalist and an amateur cross-country skier.

Four years ago we started with a non professional Ski Club named “Sottozero Nordic Team” enrolled in FISI (Italian Ski Federation): it includes 120 amateur skiers active in long distance races. It quickly became a reference point for the cross-country skiing movement in Italy. This year the decision to further widen our aims, plans and borders starting “SottoZero Gold Team”: that stems from the desire to offer the best Italian long-distance skiers the opportunity to participate in the Visma Ski Classics circuit.

“SottoZero Gold Team” currently has "Zorzi Max distribuzione bevande Fiemme e Fassa", "GSG Sportswear", "Vuerich Service / Shop" and “Kayak Sportglasses” as main sponsors. Moreover it can count on a pool of minor sponsors.

Pro team Director

Michele Pasqualotto

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