1. Ski Classics Rules and Regulations are valid on top of the FIS rules (ICR). Athletes must act in accordance to FIS (ICR) and Ski Classics rules and regulations.

a Ski Classics appointed Race Director is responsible for and has the right to amend the Ski Classics rules and regulations.

b Ski Classics Race Director has the right to act upon violations of the rules.

c Ski Classics Race Director is part of the Competition Jury.

Pro Team License

2. Athletes must be registered as a member of an official Ski Classics Pro Team and have a valid FIS-license in order to compete for Ski Classics points and prize money. Application to register a Pro Team must be sent to Points to include in the application, in Appendix 8. Ski Classics has the sole right at own decision to hand out a Pro Team License, which gives the right to register a Pro Team.

3. By registering a Pro Team at the Pro Team accepts Ski Classics Rules and Regulations. Athletes registered in Ski Classics are to receive guaranteed start places in each race if the following criteria are fulfilled:

a The athlete is registered in a Pro Team.

b The athlete has a Ski Classics ranking that ensure a place in the elite group.

c The athlete has a valid FIS license.

d The athlete is registered before 30th September 2019.

4. Pro Team must be registered no later than 30th of September 2019 via Athletes must be registered in a Pro Team latest 48 hours before an event in order to receive Ski Classics points and prize money. Athletes need to be registered for the event according to event entry rules. Pro Teams registered after September 30th will not be guaranteed a place. Number of Ski Classics Pro Teams is limited to 25. Top 15 Pro Teams registered previous season in Ski Classics are guaranteed a Pro Team license if registered before 1st of September 2019.

a Registration of athletes to Ski Classics events is done when registering a Pro Team at, registration is open until 30th September 2019.

b 2019/2020 the registration fee is Euro 70 per athlete and event.

c Registrations after 1st of October 2019 are made directly to each event according to each events own rules, no start place is guaranteed and late registration fees may be different than in point A above.

d Ski Classics will invoice the total registration fee.

5. Pro Teams must consist of minimum four and maximum ten athletes. There must be athletes of both genders in every team.

6. Athletes are not allowed to change Pro Teams during the season, and Pro Teams are not allowed to unregister athletes during the season. The Pro Team Tour season is defined as 15th November 2019 until 1st May 2020.

7. The Pro Teams should have a written agreement with the athletes in the teams in order to ensure that they accept the rules of Ski Classics, including the Anti-doping agreement in Appendix 7. The Anti–doping agreements should be scanned and emailed to no later than 1st of November 2019.

8. Pro Team License fee EUR 1500 + VAT must be paid upon invoice. Late entry license fee for teams registered after 30th of September 2019 and approved by Ski Classics is EUR 3000 + VAT. Pro Team License fee must be paid before team may collect points in a Ski Classics race. For the License fee each team receives in return from Ski Classics:

a 10 tickets to the Ski Classics Final Banquet.

b 10 Ski Classics Official Pro Team vests (works as accreditation permits for the Pro Team staff).

c Team name in Ski Classics TV-graphics.

d Information at the Ski Classics Pro Team page on

e Right to brand the team as a “Ski Classics Official Pro Team”.

f Possibility to acquire VIP hospitality tickets to the Ski Classics VIP-trailer.


9. All Ski Classics athletes and Pro Teams must participate in the price ceremony at the Ski Classics Final banquet in order to receive prize money. If an athlete cannot participate in the Ski Classics Final due to illness and/or reasons beyond the athletes control, the athlete must submit documentation stating clearly the reasons for not attending. The document must be certified by a medical doctor and submitted to the Race Director in order for her/his points to be valid for the overall results. Prize money from Ski Classics will be paid upon invoice. Amount must be stated in EUR.

10. Event prize money and VIP renumeration should be invoiced the event by each applicable Pro Team, by the latest May 30th 2020. Event prize money amounts per event is specified in Appendix 12. Invoice should be sent according to the financial details in Appendix 9. To receive VIP renumeration, the athlete must start in the event. At the Livigno Pro Team Tempo Top-3 teams will receive prize money. 

11. Ski Classics points are awarded according to the points table below.

12. Ski Classics Race Director may retain collected Ski Classics individual and/or Pro Team points if an athlete is violating rules in an event. A protest must be handed in to the Race Director within 60 minutes after the winner finishes the event by handing over to the Race Director or Jury a written protest, or emailing to Protests are handled according to FIS ICR-rules. All results are final one hour after the event winner has finished and the Jury and/or Race Director has checked protests. Exception will be made for doping violation cases.

13. All Ski Classics athletes shall be available for the media. Points may be retained from a Pro Team if they are not available for:

a Short comments for media on event day, prior to start

b Pro Team members and team captain must be present at press conference/interviews if they are invited.

c Available for questions from media immediately after finish and after the flower ceremony.

d Top 3 finishing men and women + bib holders must be present in ProTeam Zone until Flower ceremony is completed.

14. An athlete must finish the race in order to receive points in the Champion, Youth, Sprint or Climb competition.

15. In the event of a dead-heat between two competitors the points for the places will be added together and divided by two (e.g. in a dead-heat for 1st and 2nd places, both athletes will receive (200+170)/2 = 185 points).

16. If two or more athletes score the same number of points after the final event in any competitions, the winner is the athlete who has:

a The best results (i.e. most 1st, most 2nd and most 3rd places etc.) in the specific competition.

b If still equal in Climb or Sprint bib competitions, the final ranking in the Champion bib competition will be decisive.

If the athletes are still equal, two (or more) winners will be awarded. The prize money for the places will be added together and divided (e.g. in a dead-heat for 1st and 2nd places, both athletes will receive the prize money of the 1st and 2nd place divided in 2).

17. Each Pro Team participating in a Ski Classics event shall have a representative at the event’s Team Captains meeting the day prior to the race. The meeting is held at 16:30 local time unless otherwise stated from the race organizer.

18. Ski Classics athletes mandatorily have to wear provided bibs. They additionally have to use the provided GPS devices, if selected.

19. If a color bib holder doesn’t start at the event or holds more than one bib, the highest ranked available athlete in each bib competition will wear the bib.

20. All Pro Team athletes may in the Champion bib competition calculate the single best result from a Ski Classics Challengers event per season. Challengers event points are handed out according to table above.


21. Ski Classics official Pro Teams shall have the Ski Classics Pro Team logo on their homepage, hyperlinked to Ski Classics official Pro Teams shall use Ski Classics common top header menu on their homepage, html code is provided by Ski Classics.

22. Ski Classics and the Events part of Ski Classics, may use photos and videos of registered Pro Teams and athletes in order to market Ski Classics with prior permission or remuneration.

Ski Classics VIP

23. Top 10 men and top 10 women in the SC ranking are considered as the Ski Classics VIP. Event organizations are obliged to pay as per below if event is cancelled later than 7 days prior to the race day. In order to receive the below VIP remuneration the athlete must start at the event and attend the press conference/interviews, prize/flower ceremony if invited. The VIP remuneration is EUR 195 + VAT per athlete and event.

Ski Classics – Livigno Pro Team Tempo Rules

24. The Pro Team Tempo is organized as an interval start competition with block starts, one Pro Team is starting at a time in reversed order according to the Pro Team ranking. The gap between the blocks are 3 minutes.

25. The finishing time of the 3rd ranked male of the team will count for the classification. All Pro Team female athletes start in a pursuit calculated on the total male time, if there are more than one female athlete in a Pro Team, they start together at the same start time. First female athletes to finish the pursuit decides the result of the Pro Team Tempo. The Pro Team Tempo points are handed out according to the table above. Minimum 3 skiers per team on the Pro Team Tempo must start in order to receive Pro Team points.

26. If the Pro Team doesn’t have 3 male athletes on the start line, the Pro Team female athletes will start 30 seconds after last female in the pursuit. If no female is starting in the pursuit the Pro Team will be placed after the last female athlete finishing the pursuit according to the male Pro Team time. In the female race, the Race Director can decide to use wave start.

27. All Pro Team athletes starting and finishing within 20% of the winning time in the Pro Team Tempo will get 50 individual bonus points in the Champion bib competition.

Ski Classics –Livigno Prologue Rules

Prologue start

28. Women Competition Mass Start with seeding according to the current ranking.

29. Men Competition Mass Start with seeding according to the current ranking. The men competition starts after the women’s competition has finished.

30. Last season’s color bib holders will wear the bibs at the Livigno Prologue.

Points calculation

31. Points in the Champion bib and Pro Team competitions points are handed out in ordinary values. In the Sprint and Climb bib competitions 50% of the points in table above will be handed out.

Ski Classics Challengers

32. Ski Classics Challengers events are presented at The list of Challenger events will be updated continuously through the season.

a. The Challengers season is defined as 1st of May until 5 days prior to the Ski Classics Final event (i.e. for season X the 30th of March 2020)

b. Challengers events are held in cross country or roller skiing, in classic or free technique.

c. Registrations to Challengers events are made directly to the event.

d. Ski Classics VIP athletes get free entry to Challenger events.

e. Challengers event organization is responsible for distribution of prize money.

f. Ski Classics Challengers points are distributed according to Appendix 2.

g. Ski Classics Pro Team athletes will count their single best Challengers result (points) in the Champion bib competition.