Alutaguse Marathon

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Saturday, February 8 2020 Women CET: 11:00 men CET: 11:00


February 8 2020


Classic Technique



Start times

Women CET: 11:00
Men CET: 11:00

About Alutaguse Marathon

Alutaguse Marathon is a 44km long-distance ski race in classic technique now becoming the first Visma Ski Classics Challengers in Estonia.
The event has over 20 years of experience and is one of the biggest cross-country skiing events in the Baltics. Every year, approximately 800 skiers from around the world comes to the beautiful surroundings of the Alutaguse National Park in Vasavere, Estonia to take part in the Alutaguse Marathon.

Alutaguse Marathon is a two-day event and in addition to the 44km main race on February 8th 2020, there is also a 22km night ski event in free technique on the first day and a 22km classic technique race on the second day.