Gautefallrennet 60k

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Saturday, September 5 2020 Women CET: 12:50 men CET: 12:50


September 5 2020


Classic Technique



Start times

Women CET: 12:50
Men CET: 12:50

About Gautefallrennet 60k

Gautefallrennet 60k (formerly Olaf Skoglunds Minneløp, OSM), is a tough roller ski race where both elite skiers and amateurs are present on the starting line. The course goes 60km from the deep green forests at the south of Telemark, along lakes and rivers, to the mountain at Gautefall in the middle of the south of Norway. A height-difference of 400m and a total rise of 1900 height-meters.

Gautefallrennet 60k is the flagship of the Gautefall Sportsfestival, which also includes rollerski races of 30 km classic, 18 km free technique, children's and youth races in both cross-country and biathlon at Gautefall Biathlon Stadium, which is also adapted for Para-athletes.