Les Belles Combes

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Sunday, January 19 2020 Women CET: 10:00 men CET: 10:00


January 19 2020


Classic Technique


Les Moussières

Start times

Women CET: 10:00
Men CET: 10:00

About Les Belles Combes

Les Belles Combes is a 40km long-distance ski race in classic technique taking place in the village of Les Moussières situated in the middle of the Haut Jura Nature Parc, France.

The course takes place in the magical “Hautes Combes” offering tracks through beautiful landscapes, only one hour drive from Geneva Switzerland and 1,5 hours from French cities Lyon, Annecy and Besançon. The event has over 35 years of experience and with exceptional snow conditions in the area and perfectly groomed tracks, they are ready to welcome recreational and Pro Skiers alike.

Les Belles Combes also offer freestyle technique races of 20 and 10km and cross-country skiing workshops throughout the event weekend.